Regular Upkeep Of Garage Doors

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Garage doors act as a valuable entry point for a home. These doors will be used almost every day, and if they are not

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properly maintained, they will fail and need to be replaced. Here are some tips that will keep these doors running properly.





Preservation and proper operation of garage doors can be maintained by taking the time to monitor the doors for potential problems during regular use. Problems can be seen and heard when they arise and will be the first warning sign that maintenance will be needed for the doors. perhaps a jerky motion occurs rather than a smooth rise and lowering of the door. Maybe there is a scraping, grinding, or whining sound coming from the doors. An asymmetrical look to the doors can even be a visual cue.

Over the course of a full year, a garage door will open and close an average of 1,000 times. During this period of daily movement, the parts of the doors can become loose from the vibration and motion. A quick examination and tightening of bolts and roller brackets with wrenches will help the doors last longer by lessening the chances that any kind of major work will need to be done on the doors. It’s a small step, but one that can prevent the need for a full replacement if done on a monthly basis.

An unbalanced garage door can be quite self damaging. Although the door may rise and lower, it will have to do more work to get up and down compared to one that is properly balanced. This creates extra wear and tear that will decrease the life span of the door dramatically. The door balance test can be done by disconnecting the opener and moving the door upward halfway manually. A normal door will stay in place, but one that is unbalanced will move because of a fault in the counterweight system. Rather than attempting to repair the imbalance on their own, homeowners should contact a professional to handle the job.

Rollers will become worn from use, and must be inspected and replaced when this happens. The rollers are typicallyGarage door rollers made of nylon or steel, and should be looked at twice a year for any signs that they may be wearing down to the point of replacement. Roller brackets can be removed and put back in if they aren’t part of the cable system.





At the bottom of the garage door is a strip of rubber that provides a weatherproof seal. Over time, this strip can become brittle and even crack due to the elements, and it will need to be replaced. This strip is easy to find in hardware stores and can be cut to the length of the door and inserted into the bottom.

In just 10 minutes out of an entire year, a garage door can be made to last longer by adding a bit of lubrication. Lubrication keeps the parts moving smoothly during the constant opening and closing. The overhead springs can have lubricant added to them with the help of a garage door professional, and the chain can be lubricated with white lithium grease.

Keeping garage doors properly maintained will ensure that they have a long life and give home owners the satisfaction they desire.

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